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What Our Clients Say About LJB CPA

LJB CPA is a first-class accounting firm, that puts integrity, responsiveness, and results at the top of its customer service list.

Mary B.

I have been a client of LJB CPA for approximately 17 years and highly recommend their services.

Kevin B.

I recommend the services of LJB CPA. They are not only thorough and easy to work with but are always willing to take the time to discuss my concerns and respond to questions.

Mary J.

LJB CPA is very professional and always available to assist with our questions or concerns. We highly recommend them.

Rebecca V.

I highly recommend LJB CPA and especially Ms. Alvarado for her cost report preparation needs. This firm is very professional, dependable, accurate, and reliable. The Cost Reports are completed timely and LJB CPA is readily available to assist with any desk reviews and audits if they should arise.

David O.