About us

Our Purpose and Values

At LJB CPA, our purpose is to enhance lives and inspire greatness in and for our stakeholders to help them blossom and attain the greatest success they can imagine. We believe the way we do business and the caliber of stakeholders we work with matters. Our purpose is to enhance lives by fostering the growth and success of conscious enterprises and we wholly believe that by inspiring our clients and employees to make a significant, positive impact on society, our collective ability to elevate humanity and grow the garden is exponential.

Our Values


A quality culture is the foundation of LJB CPA. Every day, our team members work to create a mutually beneficial relationship between our employees and our clients. We strive to exude quality in our work, our listening, our communication, our interactions, and our thought leadership.


We, like most people, inherently value reliability. When we are reliable, we not only deliver greater efficiency and peace of mind, but it helps us forge stronger relationships through trust and deliver superior results.


We find fulfillment in advocacy and service. To be truly fulfilled, we need to shift the focus away from ourselves and toward providing service to our stakeholders. We believe we are at our best when we recognize the interdependence of life with the intersection with our clients. At LJB, value is best created while in service of others.