Tanner Denning

Tanner Denning joined the LJB CPA team in 2022 to focus on growing the firm’s Medicare/Medicaid Cost Reporting and Healthcare practices. Tanner’s dedication to our clients is rooted in our values of quality, reliability, and service. He believes that by helping businesses grow relationships and improve financial success, our clients are enabled to bring about a positive influence in the areas they serve, helping us achieve our overall goal to enhance lives.

Tanner’s approach is hands-on and proactive, ensuring every client’s needs are understood and addressed. Tanner is passionate about earning the trust of those he serves by delivering quality, measurable results, optimizing operations and improving bottom lines. His expertise lies primarily in networking, relationships, communication, business and operational development, systems optimization, and client management. Working with professionals across multiple verticals of healthcare, Tanner has developed a broad network and built a reputation for finding creative solutions and connecting businesses with the right individuals and services for their needs.

Tanner holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from Brigham Young University. During college, Tanner paused his education to volunteer overseas as a service missionary in the Philippines where he provided disaster relief, built homes and schools, and taught free English classes to local residents. Tanner speaks fluent Tagalog and several other Filipino dialects. Outside of his professional life, Tanner enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, surfing, playing music, and being outdoors.